Rai and Rai Partners family Law Specialists provide clients with expert legal advice in the following areas:

    Delhi Matrimonial Lawyer:

    Rai and Rai Partners has collective experience in litigating contested matrimonial and custody cases in delhi, east delhi, the firm recognizes its professional obligation in their preparation, and outstanding in the presentation of your case to the court.lawyer-lbrai and company, delhi matrimonial lawyer are associated with outstanding health care professionals and forensic accountants who are expert in their fields and the valuations of professional practices, business interests, and deferred compensation packages . We have extensive trial and appellate experience, and have been advocates for our clients to take creative and unique positions in the coutrs in delhi .east delhi

    Family Law Settlements
    Property Settlements and Financial Agreements
    Arrangements for Children
    De facto Relationships
    Prenuptial Agreements
    Domestic Relationship Agreements
    Spouse Maintenance
    Divorce and Separation
    Child Support
    Family Provision and Wills
    International Child Abduction

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